The Types Of Deep Sea Fish Trawling You Must Know!

Even if you’re a fish trawling experts there must be types of fish trawling you don’t know. There many techniques and types to catch fish and the method you choose heavily depend on the fish you’re trying to catch. Not only that the time of the day you plan to fish, how the fish feeds and the areas you plan to fish depend too. There are many ways to catch fish according to the type and let’s see how we can catch them easily! 

Technique of trolling

This technique is basically used to catch tuna, Wahoo, billfish and marlin. The speed of the knots whether it is five or right knots should be considered according to the exact species you want to catch. But if you set your bait deeper than usual you have to troll slower. When trolling you should look out for signs such as the change of colour in the water or weed-lines or birds as those are the sign that show you the places to expect a catch. Trolling makes fishing charters Townsville an adventure!

Technique of kite-fishing

This is a variation of the technique discussed above. Here baits are presented by splashing on the sea surface which will emit vibrations that attract fish. When drifting, about four baits should be fished down-wind from a kite and additional baits can be fished up-wind on flat lines. This technique works successfully for dolphins and sailfish. Actually it\’s effective to lure many species of fish which is great but it makes people hard to choose. So it’s better to have a variety of options for you so you can switch on board easily. But nothing will go to waste as you can catch bait fish too while trolling and use them later throughout the day.

Technique of chunking or chunking

This technique is used to lure fish around the boat. This technique works well with sharks, dolphins and tuna as chunks of bait fish such as mackerel or butter fish is used while slowly drifting. If you are searching for adventure you can use live bait and lure a monster catch. If you want to catch a big prey don’t forget to hire from corporate fishing charters.

Technique of spin reels and poppers

This technique used spin reels, rods and poppers to lure in all types of fish. Even fish those weigh hundred pounds such as Bluefin.

Technique of jigging

This technique draws large fish to the surface. While the boat is drifting along a wreck or a canyon you should drop the baits at different depths. This will attract species as rock fish and snapper. Now you are aware on many techniques of catching fish properly!