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Who Is Building Facility Manager?

Who Is Building Facility Manager?

A building facility manager more commonly known as the facility manager and he is the person who is the backbone of providing all the possible facilities that could be required in the building for making it suitable for the people who work there. The common roles of the building facility manager are that he overlooks and supervise the staff who is responsible for the cleaning, parking and the security of the building. Not only this but he makes sure that the temperature of the building is comfortable enough to keep the building moderate which means that he is responsible for the maintenance of the air conditioning and the heater.

The working hours of the building facility manager is similar to the working hours of the employees of the building because he needs to be available during the working hours of the building so that if any issue arise, he is there to resolve it. The most common working hours in most of the companies is the 40 hours per week and the timing of every day could vary. But sometimes, when there comes such emergency issue which needs to be resolved immediately then the building facility manager needs to work the overtime to get through this emergency. The office of the building facility manager is usually inside the building and he does most of his work in the building but sometimes when the client company has offices in multiple areas then the building facility manager needs to go to different offices to see the working.

The starting salary of the building facility manager is around 26000 dollars but it could increase and go to about 45000 and the salary also changes based on the experience which means that sperate roles are assigned to building facility manager. This means that being a building facility manager could certainly provide you the growth in your career much more than any other job.

However, the services and duties that the building facility manager provides depends on the company he is assigned to supervise but usually some basic duties which are needed everywhere include the cleaning and organizing various furniture and making sure that all the things are in their good position. If the employees of the company face issue related to the cleanliness or something in the office gets broken and needs to be repaired or fixed then they call the building facility manager of the company to look in to the matter immediately. The building facility manager is often also responsible for the office equipment.

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