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If you are looking for best LED light Bars then cree led light bar are famous for durability and longer time spans. The CREE led even comes with 5 year of warranty so if something happens to the LED, you can always replace it back and get the new one. Light bars are now more common as the use of the bars has increased rapidly in recent years. Australia is full of landscapes and there are too many places in which you can go and see the wonders of nature. The main use of light bar is to get bright light on to the road or the surrounding area. There are different options available that you can avail and can light up the front of your road with more light and brightness. You can choose from the spot or flood beam. Spot light is good when you want to focus directly on to the road.  

Spot light basically helps you get a good vision of front with a long beam while the flood light gives light to the maximum surrounding of your front side. The beam will less powerful as compared to spot but it is good when you want to have a broad angle of the area lit up. Or you can use it to have a good idea of scene. There is another option available which is the combination of both the spot and flood light. You can use whatever you need for the occasion. The light bar is rugged and made with the best materials. It can withstand severe climate conditions and is completely waterproof. There are different mounting options available for different light bars. The efficiency of the LED bulbs is pretty good and have a life span of about 50,000 hours.  

In the ordinary available LED bars available in the market, after some time, moist covers up the lens of the bar and the light output is compromised. In our LED bars, we have used a special breather which helps to eliminate the moist from the inside of the lens and the output you get will be maximum and clean. The colour temperature of the LED bar is around 7000k-7500k which is bright and vibrant daylight so you can have a clear and long view of the road. The bar is available in different sizes like 22”, 32” and 42”. Although there are other options available too and you can choose which suits you the best. In a bar, there are different rows of LED available, you can choose from one, two, three and four rows of LED depending on the demand whether you want the slim bar or a heavy duty, powerful beam bar.  For more information, please log on to

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